What Happened?

So I’ve had this site for a while and for a bit it was really thriving but I made a bad decision. I decided to open up the comments section to everyone. That was a mistake that i will never repeat.

I got spammed so hard that my hosting company sent me an email asking what the f** I was doing.

I had no recourse but to delete this site. I got rid of everything. The content the pictures and everything else. I put so much work into this site, it was really disappointing.

That brings me back to this point. I re installed WP and have just let this site sit for a while. I’m sorry to anyone that this effected, but I had no choice, then I was just lazy.

So now I’m back and once again I am ready to put all of my online expertise in one wonderful resource for anyone to freely use.

So take what you can and be sure to keep at it.

Bye for now.